Mel's not-so-little PR disaster


It’s disheartening, almost sickening to watch the media vultures circle and pick at the debilitated body of the once revered, now reviled, Aussie actor ‘Mad’ Mel Gibson and his very public PR disaster.

Gibson clearly has a physiological compulsion and crippling susceptibility to alcohol.

If you can accept that it is a disease (and the American Medical Association does), then would it be right to stomp Gibson down because he’d been diagnosed with cancer and thrown a drug-fuelled fit? In all likelihood guilty of DUI, insulting a police officer and verbally savaging Jews and women, Mel has responsibly ‘fessed up to his wrongdoings with a textbook Crisis Management statement. Rather than playing it by the old PR book, though, wouldn’t it have been refreshing to hear the fundamentalist Mel really get down to brass tacks. He could’ve started by acknowledging that somehow, somewhere within him, there is a bit of a bigoted streak?

It’da been ballsy, but I hope there’s still enough fight in the man to really come clean; I hear self-honesty is a key part of the recovery process of ‘getting clean’. I also pray that Mel is in rehab for the right reason, too. And that’s to genuinely overcome his addiction, not just to make it look that he’s taking his punishment for stepping way, way out of line. After that’s been done, then he can really look at appropriate ways of making amends to those he has sledged and offended. Following his dumb-assed outbursts and inability to curb his drink compulsion, I’d hope that excitable media and associated commentators will see that in this huge PR disaster, Mel the addict is probably the one who’s hurting most right now.

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