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Audio interview on preventing social media disasters

Do you really understand the consequences and power of Online Reputation Management? Do you get how social media silos and scuttlebutt are the fuel that can feed global online news attention and damaging search engine finds? Ahead of a four-session … Continue reading

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Crying over spilt (Halal) milk

The power – and pain – of agenda-driven social media lobbying has curdled (pun 1) the relationship between the Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company and some of its online detractors, specifically Restore Australia. Anti-Islamisation activists have targeted and bombarded the … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby’s #socialmediafail as meme invites rape flak

Sometimes, reputational ineptitude scales the heights of unawareness and at other times it plumbs the depths of idiocy. When Bill Cosby’s online PR team invited audiences to meme pictures of cuddly old Bill, had they never heard of this year’s … Continue reading

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PR Disasters 2013 – nominations and data flowing in

Reviewing the candidates and numbers for 2013′s Annual PR Disasters Awards is proving challenging; the feeling is that sport may very much dominate the field rather than previous years which saw government and corporate PR disasters abound. Just to whet … Continue reading

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Energy Watch CEO Ben Polis sacked after Facebook brainmelt

.The job of the modern CEO entails being a leader, a visionary, a community conduit and the epitome of company standards. Carried out professionally, the job role encompasses board support, community relations, human resources and, essentially, reputation management. Anyone posting … Continue reading

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Aussie Ad Agency creates social media PR disaster

Here’s a guest post by Peter Hawkins of Tribe Count on the George Patts/Defence Force social media bungle; I saw Peter’s comments on a recent Mumbrella story, and thought he made good sense while many Ad types overlooked the PR … Continue reading

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No Army policy/practices to manage PR disasters created by social media

The Australian Defence Force is buckling under the weight of several horrific PR disasters caused by its ‘employee’ abuse of social media. It’s rumoured that one of the main problems dogging ADF’s reputation-protecting practices is that their 100-strong Comms teams … Continue reading

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Academic Behrendt sends most offensive Twitter slur

Australian academic Larissa Behrendt is under pressure having sent one of the most offensive Twitter insults ever seen in Australian politics, says PR disaster specialist Gerry McCusker. Continue reading

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