Clumsy ex-journos create PR disaster for Burson Marsteller

Hat tip to Ragan’s PR Daily; a couple of mud-slinging, ex-journos who have fence-jumped into PR for Burson Marsteller find themselves the uncomfortable subjects of an embarrassing media story in USA. It appears they’ve been trying to dish the dirt against Google, while working for a client with an anti-Google agenda. Offers to ghost write critiques, secure coverage in Washington Post; you know; the standard media flak subterfuge. More ex-media types giving PR a bad name but hey, BM employed them for their ability to cultivate influence!!

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One Response to Clumsy ex-journos create PR disaster for Burson Marsteller

  1. And now for the rest … what makes anyone think a campaign is going to be okay when it would be bad to name the client???

    And Facebook … really?

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