Social media taking Sheen off news media credibility

The news media’s endless obsession with Charlie Sheen’s celebrity Tweets and other self-obsessed publishing twits, plus the blurred speed and fuzzy footage of social media footage is killing good quality news reporting, claims Gerry McCusker author of “PR Disasters”.

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2 Responses to Social media taking Sheen off news media credibility

  1. Simon Bronson says:

    Well spoken Gerry. It really struck a cord with me having not watched the TV News in over a year now, why would I when I can get more detailed information from news websites. Many of the sources I am finding through twitter, mentioned by the people I follow.

    If I want to hear about Charlie Sheen or Shane Warne I can read their tweets directly. New technologies to disseminate information will come and go, but detailed analysis shouldn’t. Stop lazily parroting the web2.0 and buckle down and think about the content or people will look elsewhere.

  2. Simon Bronson says:

    I should have said ‘media agencies should stop’, not you Gerry, you’re all good in my books. Carry on.

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