Cash-for-comment paid to Aussie citizen journos

Traditional media is getting all hot under the collar about Channel Ten(s unnamed new media advisers) paying SocMed pioneers cash-for-comment to talk up interest in TV shows. Now, Mumbrella scribe Tim Burrowes suggests it’s the tip of a grime-stained iceberg.

I’m fatigued having to write this one up, suffice to say these practices lie somewhere between ‘any publicity is good publicity’, ‘controversy management’ and ‘unethical citizen journalism relations’. To the corps involved…YOU’RE LAZY for not building cit-journo relations yourselves, to the Web2.0-spruikers – compromising your professionalism is probably a myopic game. 


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2 Responses to Cash-for-comment paid to Aussie citizen journos

  1. Julian Cole says:

    I dont think that it was an Australian company behind the Cash for Comment (HughsNews) but I am fairly certain it was Fox in the US.

  2. Gerry says:

    Ta for that perspective J; a corp client I spoke to this am opined that this is the Web2.0 form of ‘advertorial’ and maybe (for disclosure’s sake) should be labelled as such. G

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