Lee Hopkins joins McCusker for a Web2.0 chat

Lee ‘Grumpa’ Hopkins popped into my Melbourne offices to raise a posh pinky finger and swig a few cups of Earl Grey just yesterday. In Melb for a series of academic conferences plus a conference address, Lee and I had a good chat about all things Soc Med. In particular, Lee seemed equally enthused when I introduced him to the delights of the marvellous monitoring tool Addictomatic, as well as Twitter’s excellent Monitter. When I described Omnisio and iPowow, Lee seemed aghast at the reputation damaging potential (its true evil power) but recovered after Aydan fetched him another two gypsy cream biscuits. Hopefully Paull Young will be the next SocMed devotee to visit the Engage Emporium in December!

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One Response to Lee Hopkins joins McCusker for a Web2.0 chat

  1. Lee’s lotsa fun. I hope you gave him a hard time :) Paull is too wunnerful too :)

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