Bad PR for DDB over blatant idea theft

From Simon Bronson and ‘You Thought We Wouldnt Notice’ site, it’s bad PR time for ad agency DDB (in Sweden) and its client McDonalds. They stand accused of ripping off and refusing to acknowledge or pay, the guy (Cyriak)  who originally conceived an Ad concept. The theft looks so blatant, there can be little room for anything less than an agency apology and recompense, surely? If DDB was under any illusion as to the strength of stakeholder feeling, they should read the social media comments on Cyriak’s site, and also on YouTube.

Ta to Brons and YTWWN.

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2 Responses to Bad PR for DDB over blatant idea theft

  1. Julian Cole says:

    Hey Gerry,

    Thanks for providing some inspiration for my latest video post! There is just a little too much of this happening at the moment.

    When are we meeting up to record our video stunt?


  2. Gerry says:

    Pls supply link to your video post if/when ready. Happy to meet up for a coffee Julian; we’ll discuss the video content then. Gerry

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