Collingwood kingpin McGuire in the King Kong of all PR disasters

Following a weekend of racial controversy in Australia when a teenage Collingwood fan racially abused Swans AFL aboriginal star Adam Goodes (calling him an ape), the club’s President has inexplicably exacerbated the issue by jokingly suggesting on his morning radio show that the same player (Goodes) be used as part of a promotional PR push for the theatre show King Kong (which for those not in the know, stars a very large ape).
While the sometimes media savvy Mr Maguire has attempted to excuse his behaviour by suggesting that he was “zoned out”…”thinking somewhere else” and the hoary old “slip of the tongue”, the PR disaster backlash continues. Despite protesting that he is not a racist, McGuire’s incidental PR rehabilitation might be better served not just by protesting innocence, but by acknowledging that his comments may point to some unsavoury, sub-conscious attitudes that he’s prepared to work at addressing and eradicating. I’d venture that casual racism is not less hurtful to the recipient than the intended variety.

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2 Responses to Collingwood kingpin McGuire in the King Kong of all PR disasters

  1. Grant says:

    Its actually Eddie McGuire, and he is the President of the Club not CEO. Also he offered to resign from the position but it looks as though he is staying on. But it was a massively stupid thing to do!

  2. Gerry says:

    Ta for the corrections and contribution Grant. I think his response has been appropriate given the circumstances; he’s in a great position to pass on the wisdom of his re-education based on anything he learns from the AFL-advocated process.

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