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Misleading tweet-vertising from Essendon Bombers

It’s easy to shoot off an unsubstantiated 140-character tweet. But with substantial allegations, findings, charges and penalties awaiting the Essendon AFL team, a hollow tweet looks a lot like false advertising. Geelong seem to be the indisputably greatest AFL club … Continue reading

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Tom Waterhouse and mum Gai to face their Waterloo?

That it could shock anyone that there could be skullduggery at the stables where the “sport” of horse-racing is built on the proceeds of gambling, still quite baffles me. As the public spat between horse owner Singo, horse trainer Gai … Continue reading

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Recipe for a YouTube PR disaster

Worker sacked after filming forklift stunts and upload to YouTube. Continue reading

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Are childrens books the new creative’s ‘novel’?

Whimsical thought for Friday …are kids books the new version of working on a novel ? I only ask because I know of four colleagues from the creative/communications industries who are all independently professing to be working on concepts/illustrations/stories for … Continue reading

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A ton o’ work and two hours of Kitson respite

Big, hectic week; new client strategy session; web content deadlines; internal brand reinvigoration launch – lots of food grabbed on the run (except for Wed lunch’s new biz celebration with Oyster Design chief Steve Cumming – nice red Steve!). Thank … Continue reading

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Guardian flamed over blog nepotism

READ THE COMMENTS TO THIS LINK: VERY, VERY FUNNY. I generally come to praise Caesar (aka The Guardian), but not this time. Seems the Guardian has taken on a new teen blogger who just happens to have a well-connected Daddy … Continue reading

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