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Australia’s 2014 PR Disasters – Finalists

As we assess the data for 2014′s Australian PR Disasters Awards, two heavyweight teams are emerging as the main column centimetre negativity contenders; a) Tony Abbott’s coalition government and b) the NRL’s most wayward rugby stars. While political players such … Continue reading

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Australian PR experts’ summation of Flight MH370′s disaster response

CRISIS CRITIQUES BEREFT OF UNDERSTANDING AND EMPATHY                 In modern crisis or emergency events, it’s clear that Public Relations pundits and the public display little patience with, or respect for, any organisation’s efforts to respond to their incident. Diligence in fact … Continue reading

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Differing view on using Twitter for business

Adelaide-based social media aficionado and pal o mine Lee Hopkins has produced an affordable (under AU$50) new guide on how you can master Twitter for business; go on – you know you want to take a look-see!! London-based mate o … Continue reading

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Press adviser & blogger’s ‘smear campaign’ PR disaster

UK political adviser forced to resign after concocting plan with blogger to conduct online smear campaign. Continue reading

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Cash-for-comment paid to Aussie citizen journos

Cash-for-comment is proving a problem within Aussie Social Media circles. Continue reading

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Alleged top Aussie blogger spams PR Disasters

I just got, well, spammed; a press release about a hairdresser-turned-software developer plopped in my email box with this simple intro…Hope this story might be a good fit for your blog. Regular PR Disaster readers might know I’m not big on covering hairdresser/software tales, … Continue reading

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Belkin blushes after cash-for-comment cock-up

Aussie techster and mate o’ mine Leigh Mannes, flags a techy PR disaster where Belkin was caught ‘incentivising’ favourable blog comment ($0.65 a go). After being outed, the PR response was swift with a Belkin honcho insisting it was an … Continue reading

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Best blog job campaign undermined by agency numbnuts?

Tourism Queensland is offering $150000 for a job where you must swim, snorkel and blog. Continue reading

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